Welcome to our training services aimed at the keen amateur photographer. Whether you are completely new to photography or you have been taking photos for a while and wish to improve an area of your skills, we can help.

Similarly, if you’re happy in taking pictures and know your camera, but don’t know how to use software to edit them, we can show you how.

The training is flexible and tailored to your current knowledge, your area of interest (landscapes, sports or general family photography) and your objectives. There are many great videos and tutorials online, but we believe it is more effective to be shown in person. Alongside teaching how to get the most out of your camera, we also offer training in both Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

This service can also be provided to the small business owner looking to create imagery for their Website/Social Media.

The aim is to help you be confident in taking, and then producing, the perfect image.

Photography Training

Whilst this is flexible to your level of understanding, here are some of the fundamentals we will cover:

  • Understanding the basic camera controls, such as aperture, shutter speed and ISO
  • What is depth of field and how to use /control it.
  • Manual vs Auto Focus
  • How to freeze or blur action.
  • Using flash
  • RAW vs JPEG Capture
photography training how to use your camera

The photography training will be a mix of classroom and on location depending on what your requirements/objectives are. Topics will be supported by handouts as required, but in most cases, practical exercises/projects will be set to help refine/reinforce the skills being taught.

It is ideal if you have your own camera equipment, as you will want to practise the skills cover in the training in your own time. However, we can supply some Canon equipment for you to use if required.

Adobe Lightroom Training

As with the Photography training, we will take this at your pace and design the course content according to you knowledge level and objectives. Typical areas covered:

  • Image Workflow (Downloading, Backing Up, Image Selection / Conversion)
  • Raw Image Processing (Basic settings, Synchronisation Editing)
  • Image Enhancements and Corrections
  • Direct Output or to Photoshop
Abobe Lightroom Training

We can provide the files for you to work on, but it is better if you bring your own images with you. During the initial consultation, we will advise you on the types of images that are ideal to practice editing on so that you can have them prepared for the Lightroom session.

Whilst possible for you to use our equipment in the training (MacBook Pro Laptop), it is preferable that you have your own computer and software so that you can practice techniques and skills learnt at home.

Photoshop Training

Photoshop is probably the editing tool you will use the most, and so it is key that you have a competent understanding of it. This stems from the work environment, to the fundamentals that contribute to the more advanced techniques you will learn as you progress. Some of what we will cover include:

  • Basic introduction to the layout and setup of the Screen
  • Image Cropping and Resizing
  • Colour and Contrast adjustment
  • Cloning and other image manipulation techniques
  • Image Sharpening and preparation for printing
Adobe Photoshop Training

One to One NOT Large Group Classes

Our training is on a one to one basis and will be tailored to your needs or objectives. We will go at your pace, if you struggling with a particular area or what to go into more depth then we are more than happy to adapt our time together.

FREE Initial Consultation

To get started we offer a free 30min chat to get an understanding of your current level of knowledge, your objectives etc. Once we have this information we put an outline course together with a guide to how long we think it will take to cover, but you have to commit.


  • £45 per hour for one to one tuition
  • £150 Half Day
  • £300 Full Day

For more information and to book contact us.

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