Photo Restoration

We are often able to help you restore or enhance those old family photos, back to their formal glory. Sometimes it is just a simple job of scanning the original to create copies for other members of the family. But more often than not the images are damaged in some way, this is where our digital editing skills come into play.

By scanning or photographing the original print or negative we can usually clean the image up, removing scratches, or tears. Boosting a faded colour or converting to black and white etc.

Sometimes, however, the damage to the print or negatives can be too severe and therefore be beyond repair but we will confirm this before we take the job on.

For more details or to drop in your prints etc for an assessment please contact us.

Example of a Multi Stage Photo Restoration Project

This was originally a print behind a hand painted glass mount. The glass was broken and the print damaged, obviously we could not repair the glass, however, we we able to scan the various bits of glass and repair it as an image.

We the scanned and retouched the image itself and then combined the two, to create an image that we could print and frame for the client, so he could share it with other members of the family.

original scan of damaged print, part one of photo restoration project

Stage 1 – Scan of the damaged print – the paint had come off the glass and the cracks in the glass had scratched the print.

Repaired and clean image, part two of photo restoration project

Stage 2 – Print cleaned up and repaired digitally.

original scan of hand painted glass mount, part three of photo restoration project

Stage 3 – The original scan of the hand painted glass mount.

Restored images and mount ready for printing, part four of photo restoration project

Stage 4 – This was the final cleaned image and mount that was printed and framed.

Photo Restoration of a Torn Photo – Scan and Repair

The follow two projects came from the same client, the first shows an Ariel image of Tonridge during the 1968 floods, which had got torn and had mold damage on. The second project is an image of the old Tonbridge Fire Brigade Band, again this was torn, but had been repaired with inappropriate tape which had caused the staining.

The brief for both was similar, to scan and repair the tears and much of the other damage as possible before reprinting copies.

the two halves of a 1968 Tonbridge Flood Photo before repair
photo restoration of a 1968 Tonbridge flood torn photo before repair
photo restoration of an Tonbridge 1968 flood image ready for printing
damaged print of Tonbridge Fire Brigade Band prior to photo restoration
photo restoration project image of the tonbridge fire brigade band repaired ready for printing

This project was a set of old negatives, that a client had found. They were in a poor state, dirty, scratched had badly faded, we were able to recover most of the image and remove a significant amount of the scratches etc

example of scanned negative ready for restoration
Repaired negative scan of man in go-cart

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