Finding a New Job Part 2 – Your CV

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Writing a Winning CV

The role of the CV is changing as is the recruitment process.  In order to secure the interview for your target role, read on for some top tips on writing a winning CV from City CV, our local CV writing experts.

Your CV is a key part of your strategy to secure your dream job and so you should see it as the marketing tool for the brand that is YOU.  A recruiter can decide to take you forward or not within 3 seconds!  Your CV has to stand out from the crowd.

CV Writing Skills Blog
  • Your CV should be two A4 pages long unless you have significant IT or project management skills; if you’re a graduate, it should be 1 page long.
  • It isn’t going to take 5 minutes to write – it requires preparation & consideration, research and editing. Ensure that you set aside plenty of time ahead of the application deadline to write a bespoke CV for each job.
  • Throughout the CV be objective: write the facts – what you achieved, the impact you had – rather than your opinion on how successful you were.

Your CV should have 4 core sections

Business Case

This is your executive summary that introduces the employer to you.  Include your expertise & specific skills that are relevant to the target role.  Identify your USP and remember to be objective.

Professional Experience

Showcase what you have achieved in other roles that are relevant to the desired role and use language that will resonate with the new employer – problems become challenges; savings impact profit; clients generate revenue and so on.  Always try to quantify your achievements.


Keep it simple, concise and positive – mention what you did achieve rather than what you didn’t e.g. missed courses, fails.  Demonstrate your CPD (continuous professional development) with relevant courses you’ve attended or qualifications you’ve acquired.

Additional Information

Will you make a good cultural fit?  This is what the employer is looking for here.  List out active (sports) rather than passive (reading, cinema) hobbies and list notable IT or language skills.

You’ve slaved over your CV, ensuring the content is excellent so do spend time on how it looks! Slick, professional formatting is critical, avoiding spelling mistakes and typos – you could be rejected for something as simple as that.

Photographs – these are very important on social media such as LinkedIn, used by recruiters rather than employers, as they help literally ‘to put a face to a name’; but don’t include photographs on your CV as they’re not favoured by employers or their ‘applicant tracking systems’!

We wish you good luck with your CV writing and application! In our next instalment, we’ll be covering what to wear for the all-important interview. Don’t forget to check out our blog on using LinkedIn – where first impressions are made!

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