Finding a New Job Part 3 – Dressing for Interview

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Dressing for Interview – So, you’ve started applying for jobs & you have an interview; but now, you might be faced with the dilemma of what to wear.

Planning your outfit prior to the interview is a must. The most important aspect to what you wear is that it is appropriate, appropriate for the profession or industry or culture. You will only know what is appropriate for your interview by doing your research beforehand,” says Deborah Turner of You Image Consultancy, a local stylist.

You want to make sure that your skills, talents and expertise come across immediately. Quality clothing, the best that you can afford and attention to detail are key. You want to be memorable for the right reasons, so try and introduce a little of your personality into your outfit, maybe with a hint of colour or through your accessories,” continues Deborah.

Dressing for Interview Women

For women…

In the corporate world, now is not the time to let your clothes out smart you, a traditional and classical look will stand you in good stead and allow you to put your best foot forward.  Invest in a new, high-quality suit that fits you impeccably to create the right impression.  “Do not be scared to show some femininity in your corporate suit or dress: you do not have to ‘be one of the boys’ to get the job; you will get it on merit.

For men…

The online recruiter, Monster, has some good advice, “…you need a minimum of two suits, starting with a solid navy and a solid dark grey. Unlike a swaggering pinstripe, a serious solid won’t turn anyone off. You don’t want to seem too showy, come on too strong or dress better than your interviewer.

The same applies to your shirt and tie: simple and uncomplicated, white shirt and a striped tie in bold colours, for example.

Dressing for Interview Men

Trickier tailoring issues…

Dressing for interview becomes more complicated when the employer has a ‘smart casual’ dress code or if you’re entering a creative industry.

For the former, wearing a suit may be too much; don’t be afraid to ask your contact at the employer about the dress code and what would be appropriate for the interview.  Employers tend to like candidates who carry out research ahead of interview day.

For the creative industries, you might want to express your creative style: if you appear contemporary then the interviewer is likely to think that you are too.  Make sure you check what is ‘on trend’ so that your contemporary look doesn’t actually look out of date.

Deborah has some sound advice: “When you have decided what the appropriate dress code is for your interview, make sure you try it on in advance.  Check it is comfortable & that it fits you perfectly, that you can sit down comfortably.  Fidgeting and adjusting your clothing is a complete interview ‘no no’ & you need to be confident and comfortable in your clothes.”

If you look good, you will feel great, which means you will perform at your very best.

Good luck!

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