First impressions count! Corporate headshots may be your client’s first introduction to your business. Let us help you welcome them in.

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Corporate Headshots

Business is still about people but with so much now on-line the first contact your client has may well be the corporate headshots he sees on screen. It is just not good business to rely on holiday snaps and photo booths.

The difference between Corporate Headshots and Staff Photos

It is likely that you will want a decent photograph of most or all of your employees for business use. But not all will have the same amount of media or client-facing exposure. It makes sense to buy in excellent Business Portraits for your key personnel and to provide a standard Staff Photo for most. MCDAW offers both services.

Corporate Headshots

MCDAW offers three levels of product for your client-facing personnel.

  • Location Studio Sessions – take place in our Pop-Up Studio at an indoor or outdoor location. We provide a white studio backdrop and lights.
  • Location Sessions – allow you to choose or combine two indoor/outdoor locations for a shoot with natural lighting.
  • Studio Sessions – take place at our comfortable home studio in Hildenborough, Tonbridge. They are professionally lit and taken against a white background.

“Marcus made me feel very relaxed (not an easy job) and I’m delighted with the results. Also, very good value for money – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Marcus to anyone wishing to have a professional photograph for business purposes.” – Jerry Gordon-Brown

We understand that personal recommendation is always helpful when deciding select a product or service, please see what a few of our other commercial clients have said about us

Each of these sessions lasts between 30 and 45 minutes per person, though extra time can be booked if required.

All the sessions include 5 HiRes Images in the quoted price. Extras can be purchased.

All images are provided both Colour and BW on disk or by electronic transfer. The include Colour Correction and basic Image Editing. We are happy to quote for more complex adjustments.

Staff Photos

Our Staff Photo service captures the personality of your company. On-line customers will see the people they are doing business with through your website or other media links. By using one photographer you can ensure a consistent corporate presentation. Heads will be a similar size, lighting will not vary. These images can be used for ID badges and internal personnel displays.

We run group sessions for Staff Photos, either in our Pop Up Studio of at a chosen internal location. We generally deliver one image per person, sometimes out of several taken.

Contact us to book or discuss how we can help. Our aim remains to offer a whole-company service, showing your face to the world.

For an outline of our Pricing check here, but we are happy to negotiate variations on these packages depending on the nature and scope of the work.

Your people are your welcome to your client.


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